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Climate change

Dianne on The Current re Dutch climate case

Last week's Dutch climate case, ordering the Dutch government to do more to reduce GHG emissions faster, shows a path forward for Canadian courts. Hear Dianne Saxe discuss why on the CBC Radio's The Current, with Professor James Coleman of the University of Calgary. Here is the podcast link. Happy Canada Day. We have received so many [...]

What will Alberta NDP govt do about climate change?

Congratulations to Rachel Notley and the new Alberta NDP majority government. Their platform page is "not found" this morning, but it included several environmental pledges: $5 million annually to partner with financial institutions and extend interest-free loans of up to $10,000 for energy-efficient retrofits to homes and businesses, such as upgrading windows and doors or installing solar [...]

Pope Francis encyclical coming on climate change

The Vatican confirmed this week that Pope Francis’ encyclical letter on the environment is now finalized and is being translated, with an expected release date in June. An encyclical letter is considered the most important form of papal teaching. This will be the first-ever encyclical entirely devoted to the environment, and it is expected to call for [...]

Oslo Principles on Climate Change: Governments are Breaching Legal Duties

A group of preeminent international jurists  have put together a series of legal principles, called the Oslo Principles on Global Obligations to Reduce Climate Change. These principles demonstrate that the governments of the world are breaching their legal duties to their citizens, by doing so little about climate change. The purpose in drafting the Principles was [...]

Ontario finally adopting carbon cap and trade

Today, Premier Wynne announced that Ontario is finally going ahead to implement a cap and trade system for carbon emissions, in cooperation with Quebec and perhaps California. Ontario originally promised to join Quebec, California and others in the Western Climate Initiative in 2008, but has since fallen behind. Since December, the WCI has conducted two auctions of [...]

Planning for drought and drinking water in Ontario

Climate change is worsening flooding but it will also bring faster spring runoffs, hotter summers, more evaporation and droughts. What will that mean for Ontario's drinking water supply? Source water protection committees are trying to plan ahead. According to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray's  Annual Report on Drinking Water 2014: Under the [...]