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We’re hiring an associate!

Saxe Law Office offers a full range of environmental law services to a wide range of clients, including businesses, municipalities, and individuals. We are looking for a junior associate to join our team, based at the Centre for Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst in Toronto.  You are ideally a lawyer with 1-2 years of experience [...]

Will the mooter who promised his analysis please send it?

Dianne was honoured to be a semifinal judge again this year at the Willms and Shier Environmental Law Moot at the Ontario Court of Appeal. The mooters argued the appeal that, in their opinion, the Supreme Court of Canada should have heard from the decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Susan Heyes Inc. [...]

My first trial, still good law 30 years later

The first decade of Dianne Saxe's professional life was devoted to energy/transportation policy and regulation, not litigation. So this week is the thirtieth anniversary of her first litigation victory: Public Trustee v. Mortimer et al. At the time, I represented the office of the Public Trustee. I was seeking to recover $200,000 that a lawyer had stolen from an [...]

Environmental torts since Smith v Inco

Environmental claims based on historic contamination, whether class actions or single lawsuits, have become much more difficult for plaintiffs in the last few years.

Lives Lived: Stewart Saxe, 67 (Globe and Mail)

We are touched and honoured that the Globe and Mail selected Stewart Saxe, Dianne's husband of 42 years, to profile in its "Lives Lived" column on Friday. As Dianne wrote in the article: We were a very odd couple for 42 years. But until the four dreadful last years, he was the centre of my life, [...]

Thank you and best wishes

Thank you to all our faithful readers for your condolences and kind wishes on the death of Dianne's husband, Stewart Saxe. And please accept our best wishes for Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and any other holiday you and your family may celebrate at this winter solstice.