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Environmental laws

Better comments on permit-by-rule for water taking

Will Ontario's proposed rules for "permit-by-rule" water takings work? Stephen English of the Region of Halton has graciously allowed me to post some of his helpful comments on the details of Ontario's proposal to replace some Permits to Take Water, especially for construction dewatering, with a "permit by rule" exemption under the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry. He doesn't [...]

Fisheries Act private prosecution goes ahead

As we wrote earlier, in December 2014 Marilyn Burgoon received approval to bring a private prosecution against Executive Flight Centre Fuel Services and the Province of British Columbia for violations of the Fisheries Act related to a large fuel spill into a sensitive creek. The province took no enforcement action relating to the spill, likely because of its own [...]

Ministry of Environment District Office Map

One useful piece of information that is oddly difficult to find on the government website is the boundaries of the various Regions and District Offices of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Here, for those who may find it helpful, is the official map: MOECC Region District Offices.

Approvals reform (EASR) for permits to take water

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is now considering public comments on its latest approvals reform proposal: moving many permits to take water to the "permit by rule" approach of the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). The next EASR proposal, for end of life vehicle management, is due later this month. The [...]

Canada’s great science researchers

Are Canadians still doing great science research, despite federal government cutbacks? Some of Canada's research stars are featured in a new website, Research2Reality. Worth a look, and good to see.

“Resource Recovery” not “Waste Management”

What's in a name? The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has renamed its longstanding Waste Management Policy Branch the "Resource Recovery Policy Branch". The renaming is part of Minister Glenn Murray's vision of a low-carbon circular economy, and of waste management as part of his action on climate change. Meanwhile, the Resource Recovery Policy branch [...]