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Planning / environmental assessment

Will the mooter who promised his analysis please send it?

Dianne was honoured to be a semifinal judge again this year at the Willms and Shier Environmental Law Moot at the Ontario Court of Appeal. The mooters argued the appeal that, in their opinion, the Supreme Court of Canada should have heard from the decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Susan Heyes Inc. [...]

Ontario’s Climate Change Consultations

We recently blogged about Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015. The paper reveals the province’s current thinking on climate change policy options and seeks public input on the following specific questions: 1. How can Ontario better support scientific research to advance future technologies that can help fight climate change? 2. In what ways could sectors [...]

Ontario Needs Input on Climate Change Policy

Recently the Ontario government released it’s Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015. The report unveils the province’s current thinking on policy options to address climate change, and asks the public to weigh in on such controversial options as a carbon tax versus other possibilities like a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions. If ever there was a time [...]

Public participation restrictions do not violate Charter

Can the federal government successfully muzzle (non-aboriginal) opponents to major energy and resource projects? So far, yes.

Province and Feds Sign Great Lakes Act again

The Ontario and federal governments have signed the latest (8th) version of the Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health (2014 COA). The purpose of this agreement is to implement Canada’s commitments to protect the Great Lakes made in partnership with the United States under the Canada-United States Great Lakes Water Quality [...]

Follow Up on Seller’s Environmental Assessment Reports

Last month we blogged about a case out of Newfoundland in which a buyer's negligence lawsuit against a seller's environmental consultant was tossed out because the buyer had no right to rely on the environmental assessment report issued by the consultant for the seller.  That article, "Buyer Can't Rely on Seller's Environmental Reports," was picked up [...]