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Company breaches order, director goes to jail

The sole corporate officer and director of Green Diesel Canada Ltd. has gone to jail, because his company breached a court order to pay restitution for illegal dumping. In 2013, Green Diesel Canada Ltd.  had been convicted of several charges, contrary to the Environmental Protection Act,  for intentionally dumping thousands of litres of waste oil/grease into [...]

Fisheries Act convictions for discharging drinking water

Two Alberta construction companies have been convicted under the Fisheries Act for rupturing municipal water mains, discharging chlorinated drinking water into storm sewers and fish habitat. Treated municipal drinking water is harmful to fish, which is why it cannot be used as is in aquariums. So is it a breach of the Fisheries Act to [...]

Enbridge Kalamazoo oil spill: State consent order

How are major oil spill claims handled in the US? For a fascinating glimpse across the border, Enbridge-consent-judgment is a copy of the multimillion dollar consent order between the State of Michigan and Enbridge over the billion dollar, three-million-litre oil spill into wetlands and the Kalamazoo River in 2010. The State and Enbridge agreed to [...]

Cheese whey spill: $80,000 fine

Even seemingly innocuous substances, like human food and drink, can be hazardous to the natural environment. And spills of food and drink must be reported. Silani Sweet Cheese Limited manufactures a cheese at a facility in Bradford, West Gwilliumbury. In January 2013, ricotta cheese whey overflowed from a silo at the site. Although the discharge [...]

Breach of Environmental Order Lands Director in Jail

The company was ordered to pay restitution, plus a $120,000 fine. It didn't pay...The officer/director was personally fined $5,000 and sentenced to five days in jail.

Directors of real estate agent liable for contaminated site?

How far can no-fault liability for contaminated sites go? The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has issued a cleanup order to (among others) the accountant who held a power of attorney to sell a contaminated site for an overseas client, and the directors of a real estate company that listed the property for sale. [...]