Congratulations to Kathleen Wynne

Congratulations to the Premier-designate, Kathleen Wynne. We wish her every success in managing the many challenges that face our province, and hope that her conciliatory style will pay major dividends in better governance and cooperation.

Her campaign program puts little emphasis on environmental issues. She has promised more support for energy conservation and renewable energy, while promising municipalities more autonomy and local control over the siting of green energy infrastructure (see the heading, “Enable our Communities to Prosper“). (This may dramatically slow the growth of Ontario’s green energy generation.) She has also promised to act, personally, as the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for at least a year, at the same time as she acts as Premier. (Is this really a good thing for OMAFRA stakeholders?) She also supports further investment in nuclear power.

Here is her environmental program, verbatim:

  • Phase-out coal on schedule in 2014 .
  • Support clean energy with increased local control in the siting of clean energy Infrastructure .
  • Continue record McGuinty Liberal transit investments .
  • Support energy and water efficiency retrofits .
  •  Partner with Industry to improve their energy conservation and recycling rates .
  •  Reduce our reliance on natural gas by diversifying our energy sources through renewable energy .
  •  Development of sustainable communities by encouraging developers to adopt leading edge technologies to reduce water and waste-water treatment facilities.
  •  Introduce low waste strategies for the community and eco-friendly designs that reduce Infrastructure costs while promoting livability .
  • Re-Introduce the Local Food Act. the Great Lakes Protection Act.

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