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Do you need an excellent environmental lawyer to help you? To ask if our award-winning environmental law firm can take your case, please fill out the Potential Client Form and email it to our Office Manager, Elaine Cohen at admin @ envirolaw.com or fax it to the number listed below. That will allow us to check if:

  • we think we can help you;
  • we have time to take your case on, given your deadlines, and
  • we are otherwise able to take your case.
Saxe Law Office (Envirolaw)
Centre for Social Innovation – Annex
720 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2R4
 Phone: 416 962 5009
Fax: 416 962 8817
Saxe Law Office is based at the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex. We are a short walk from the Bathurst Subway station.