Offshore wind moratorium claim

For those interested, here is a copy of Trillium Power vs. The Queen (Ontario), Trillium’s Statement of Claim against the province of Ontario over Ontario’s on-again, off-again policy of encouraging offshore wind development, which is currently under a moratorium again. The allegations are, of course, unproved, but they make fascinating reading all the same, for those interested in how energy policy is actually made.



  1. […] Trillium was one of the companies planning to build an off-shore wind farm in Lake Ontario. They invested heavily, totalling $5.3 million, based on the Green Energy Act, the Feed in Tariff, and direct encouragement by senior members of the provincial government. These investments were thrown away in February 2011 when the provincial government announced its “moratorium” of all off-shore wind projects, just as Trillium was about to close its financing. Trillium sued for this “bait and switch”, pleading numerous causes of action including negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, wrongful expropriation, and misfeasance in public office. Trillium’s statement of claim is available in our earlier blog post. […]

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