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Burnaby Oil Spill

What caused the great Burnaby oil spill of July 24, 2007, when a sewer contractor sliced into a pipeline, creating a geyser of oil? The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has released its report, revealing the classic elements common to major spills:1. The oil company, Kinder Morgan (KM), didn’t keep accurate records of its pipeline’s [...]

The Burnaby oil spill

The huge Burnaby oil spill will lead to fascinating and potentially important legal proceedings over the next few years. While we don’t yet know why the excavator didn’t know it was about to dig into a pipeline, likely cases include: • a Fisheries Act prosecution against one or more parties for discharging fuel into Burrard [...]

Should we be shy?

Dianne has been honoured with yet another listing in an international directory of the world’s leading environmental lawyers. This time it is the second edition of the PLC Cross-Border Environment Handbook, being published by the Practical Law Company in London, England. Meanwhile, Dianne has been extensively quoted in the British Columbia media concerning the legal [...]