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energy conservation

Kudos to Environmental Commissioner

Our congratulations to Ontario's Environmental Commissioner for three more excellent reports: 2012/2013 Annual Report:Serving the Public A Review of Ontario's Weakened Protections for Species at Risk (Special Report, Nov. 2013) Building Momentum: Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report 2012 (Volume Two) Like most other folks we know, we struggle to read everything that comes our way, [...]

Where are the public agency energy consumption baseline reports?

On January 1st, 2012 the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans Regulation (O.Reg. 397/11) came into effect. By now, all Ontario public agencies are required to have prepared and published a summary of their 2011 energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions: On or before July 1, 2013, every public agency shall submit to the Minister, [...]

Wynne v Obama: sustainable Ontario?

In sharp contrast to Obama’s State of the Union Address, the first Speech from the Throne under Premier Wynne gives little emphasis to environmental issues, including climate change. As we feared from the composition of the transition team, the Ontario Throne speech was modest in its energy and environmental priorities: Energy Conservation “[B]ecause conservation is [...]

Congratulations to Kathleen Wynne

Congratulations to the Premier-designate, Kathleen Wynne. We wish her every success in managing the many challenges that face our province, and hope that her conciliatory style will pay major dividends in better governance and cooperation. Her campaign program puts little emphasis on environmental issues. She has promised more support for energy conservation and renewable energy, [...]

ECO on Green Energy Act and Conservation

The prolific Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has issued his Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report for 2011 under the Green Energy Act, and he isn't very impressed. The Green Energy Act has made a huge difference for renewable energy, but conservation (which should probably come first) has lagged. Some progress has definitely been made. But the [...]

PAPER financing for energy conservation

Some form of municipal financing that runs with the land has tremendous potential to accelerate energy conservation and green energy retrofits for existing buildings. The David Suzuki Foundation has published a detailed report on one such concept, Property Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits and Other Financing Options (PAPER). PAPER would treat energy conservation and green [...]