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Sector registration mandatory for solar, printing and waste haulers from November 18

Congratulations to the Approvals Reform team: The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has brought three new sectors into its Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act: Small Ground-Mounted Solar; Lithographic, Screen and Digital Printing; and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems. Qualifying activities in these sectors can therefore now take place through registration, [...]

Enviro West v Copper Mountain, everyone is liable

A long running lawsuit over liability for PCB wastes may finally be over. In Enviro West Inc v. Copper Mountain Mining Corp.  a waste hauler, Enviro West, unknowingly picked up waste oil highly contaminated with PCBs and mixed it with uncontaminated oil, resulting in substantial damages. At trial, Enviro West was awarded damages against Copper Mountain [...]

Mine or hauler: Who’s responsible for Waste PCB Oil?

In Enviro West Inc. v. Copper Mountain Mining Corp. a waste hauler was hired to remove waste oil from a transformer at a mine. Despite several oral and written warnings, the hauler didn't realize the oil was heavily contaminated with PCBs. As a result, the hauler mixed the PCBs with other oils, creating extensive PCB contamination [...]