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navigable waters

More slash and burn: drastic cuts to Navigable Waters Protection Act

Much like their hatchet job on the Fisheries Act, the federal Conservatives' Bill C-45 has taken a similar axe to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, among other environmental changes in their latest Omnibus Bill. The protection of the Act will be slashed from all Canadian waters that can be traversed by boat (including canoe or kayak) [...]

Spills from ships – federal or provincial?

Spills from ships into navigable waters are subject to both federal and provincial spill control laws.

Navigable waters protection ebbing away?

The federal government has proposed a little noticed amendment to the Navigable Waters Protection Act that could seriously erode public access to Canadian waterways. Ever since Canada was first settled, anyone in a canoe has had a right to paddle rivers, lakes and streams with enough water to float in. Federal government permission is required [...]