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Sector registration mandatory for solar, printing and waste haulers from November 18

Congratulations to the Approvals Reform team: The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has brought three new sectors into its Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act: Small Ground-Mounted Solar; Lithographic, Screen and Digital Printing; and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems. Qualifying activities in these sectors can therefore now take place through registration, [...]

New fee for Ontario environmental sector registry

As of October 28, 2012, the Ministry of the Environment now charges $1,190 to register an activity in the an Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR). See EBR Registry Number: 011-6549. This is part of a general raising of fees across the Ontario government, as recommend by the Drummond Report. Payment must be received in full, on [...]

Approvals reform making progress

What are Ontario's biggest obstacles to job creation? According to employers contacting the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, the Ministry of the Environment is usually on their top 5 list.  And approvals problems (including delay) are high among them. Approvals reform is just starting to help, though only for routine, low risk activities. Deputy [...]

First “permit by rule” approval sectors

Ontario's new environmental approvals system is proposed to have two streams: a detailed Approvals Process (to be called Environmental Compliance Approval) for more complex situations, similar to the current certificates of approval. In this stream, applications for activities outside the EASR would be made to the Ministry of the Environment. The MOE would continue to [...]