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Hanna, wind and Statements of Environmental Values

In Hanna v. MOE, what did the Decisional Court decide about the legal status of the Ministry of the Environment Statement of Environmental Values? Not much, in my opinion. At paragraph 14, the court described the issues as follows: Was the minister required to comply with section 11 of the Environment Bill of Rights [which [...]

Wind energy appeal moving fast

The first wind energy appeal to the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal is moving quickly. The Kent Breeze approval was issued November 12, 2010. The Erickson appeal was filed on November 29.  A preliminary hearing was held January 11.  The hearing of the appeal began February 1 and will conclude March 25. Several of the appellants' [...]

Hanna v. MOE, wind energy in the Divisional Court

Ed Hanna's attack on the Ontario renewable energy approval system for wind turbines is before the Ontario Divisional Court this week. Richard Blackwell quoted me about it in Monday's Globe.

Renewable energy approval regulation amended

Ontario's renewable energy approval regulation has been significantly amended, effective January 1, 2011. The ministry received 285 comments on the proposed amendments, and made at least 10 changes as a result. According to the ministry, the key changes that occurred due to public consultation include: Vacant lots Ontario Regulation 359/09 identified the centre of a [...]

REA status updates

As of November 9th, the MOE had received 17 applications for renewable energy approvals. Six of these have been deemed “complete” and have been posted to the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry for comments: five wind, 1 biogas. The remainder were sent back for further information, or are still under review. The MOE has set [...]

Rules for bird studies for wind turbines

The Ministry of Natural Resources has released proposed Guidelines for wind turbine applications on both Crown and private lands. The Guidelines set out data and study requirements for applications under the Renewable Energy Approval regulation on identifying and addressing potential negative effects on birds and bird habitats during the planning, construction and operation of wind power [...]