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But can we trust the sampling data?

George Duncan has kindly passed on a copy of his presentation to the MOE lab staff on the inherent uncertainty in the current Reg 153/04 sampling protocols for contaminated sites. He concludes that they make a lot of current analysis results meaningless. And of course the Lacombe decision allowing MOE to take biased samples of hotspots [...]

Stadacona: Do employees know what samples to take?

Last fall, Stadacona was convicted under the (former) Fisheries Act and the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations. According to Environment Canada, "Stadacona General Partner Inc. pleaded guilty to having released one million litres of untreated process water into the Saint-Charles River, in Québec, and of having used a non-standard sampling method." The spill part of the case [...]

Legal wastewater samples

Samples that are not properly taken, recorded, handled and analyzed are useless in court, and can lead to unjustified enforcement proceedings. The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has released a useful Guideline on Sampling, Handling, Transporting, and Analyzing Legal Wastewater Samples. Failing to comply with authoritative guidance documents, such as this, can provide strong evidence [...]

Thoughts about sampling

Accurate sampling, or the lack of it, is a frequent pitfall in environmental litigation.

What can go wrong with sampling?

Dianne’s presentation was a romp through everything (ok, some of the things) that can go wrong in the process of sampling, analyzing and reporting on pollution.