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Will Toronto go to full cost recovery in Surcharge Agreements?

In 2008, Toronto's Auditor General’s Report on Protecting Water Quality and Preventing Pollution recommended that Toronto should charge industries the full cost of sampling, testing and treating their high strength sewage. In November 2012, Toronto Council considered, and rejected, the idea, settling for a small partial increase, presumably worried about driving more industry out of the [...]

Stadacona: Do employees know what samples to take?

Last fall, Stadacona was convicted under the (former) Fisheries Act and the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations. According to Environment Canada, "Stadacona General Partner Inc. pleaded guilty to having released one million litres of untreated process water into the Saint-Charles River, in Québec, and of having used a non-standard sampling method." The spill part of the case [...]

Veolia Poop Pellets Escape

Veolia Water Canada Inc. makes fertilizer pellets (sold as Nutri-Pel) from secondary sewage sludge. It was fined $70,000 for letting some of them escape into a creek. During the winter, Nutri-Pel is stored in bags at several sites. When these bags were being loaded, some pellets were spilled on a flooded field near a creek. [...]

Cericola Farms fined $80,000 for wastewater runoff

On February 8, 2012, Cericola Farms Limited of Bradford, Ontario, pleaded guilty to three violations under the Ontario Water Resources Act for discharging chicken processing effluent into a creek that may impair the quality of the water and two counts of failing to comply with their Certificate of Approval. Cericola owns and operates an industrial sewage [...]

Ponoka fined $70,000 for sewage discharge permitted by province

While federal environmental enforcement is less frequent these days, the fines imposed are getting larger. The small town of Ponoka, Alberta (population about 7000) was fined $70,000 after pleading guilty to one count under the Fisheries Act. The Town was releasing effluent from their wastewater lagoon in the Battle River, as permitted by the Province, [...]

Downspout disconnection- why bother?

A dinner guest recently grumbled about municipal requirements that he disconnect his downspouts. Why are they making us do such a stupid thing, he complained. What's the point? Do we really have to do it? Yes, we told him, and it's about time! But why? Most downspouts move stormwater from roofs and other hard surfaces [...]