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Sector registration mandatory for solar, printing and waste haulers from November 18

Congratulations to the Approvals Reform team: The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has brought three new sectors into its Environmental Activity and Sector Registry Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act: Small Ground-Mounted Solar; Lithographic, Screen and Digital Printing; and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems. Qualifying activities in these sectors can therefore now take place through registration, [...]

Community solar bonds available

SolarShare is launching a new campaign in response to the recently changed Feed-in Tariff requirements. There is a short window of opportunity to lead Ontario to a clean energy future by securing new FIT contracts and building new community-based projects. Civic minded folks interested in interest income can help:  Existing members can provide consent to be [...]

Easier approvals for renewable energy

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is proposing regulatory amendments to O.Reg. 359/09 under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and to Reg. 334 under the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) to streamline the regulatory process for renewable energy projects as part of the response to the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) review, and provide additional clarity. To encourage localized [...]

Renewable energy approvals

The Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources continue to elaborate their rules for renewable energy approvals, for wind, solar and biomass projects. The MNR has made a decision to proceed with the proposed recommendations set out in the Bats and Bat Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects. These include: -        Enhancing protection for bat habitat [...]

Solar Community Bonds

Another Green Energy Act and Feed In Tariff: success: Solar community bonds are now available, so that community members can invest in, and profit from, local renewable power generation. Congratulations to the Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative! Meanwhile, Environmental Defence has put out a video about the noise controversy about wind turbines. They call it “Wind [...]

MicroFIT flip flops

The Ontario Power Authority keeps looking for ways to reduce the popularity, and therefore the cost, of its high-priced MicroFIT solar electricity program. The program was designed to guarantee renewable energy producers a profit. Since small scale solar PV is the most expensive electricity to produce, generators were guaranteed the highest price, 80.2 cents/ kilowatt hour. [...]