Happy Earth Day

by Dianne Saxe on April 22, 2014

Aren’t we lucky to live in this beautiful place? Do something today to make it better. Surely you can think of something…. Plant a tree, pick up litter, dust off your bike or walk instead of driving, change to more efficient light bulbs, sign up for Bullfrog Power or a Solarshare bond or a local Community Supported Agriculture group, fix a leaking tap, donate to a good cause, call your MPP about the environmental laws stuck in the legislature, teach your kids what really belongs in the Blue Box, talk to your neighbours about any of the above….

There must be SOMETHING in this list, or like it, that you can do today, right? Please do it.
And enjoy the day.


Supreme Court of Canada gives Chevron permission to appeal Ecuador pollution decision

April 17, 2014

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted Chevron’s application for leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal decision allowing Ecuadorian plaintiffs to sue here to try to collect their $18 billion Ecuador pollution judgment. According to a US court, that award was based on fraud.

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Another fine for not reporting flyrock as environmental discharge

April 16, 2014

Last year, Castonguay Blasting lost its appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada against a conviction for failing to report flyrock as an environmental “discharge” under the Environmental Protection Act. Now they have been fined $75,000 for essentially the same offence on another occasion. The second incident occurred in 2010, well after they were charged […]

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Happy Passover

April 14, 2014

Happy Passover to all of our family, friends and colleagues who will celebrate Passover, starting tonight. And happy spring to everyone!

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Good news: clarity to come on single use battery “recycling” in Ontario

April 10, 2014

What should count as battery “recycling”? Is it good enough to melt single use batteries into nickel mill slag, which is put in roadbeds as “aggregate”? Or should we insist on up-cycling end of life batteries, i.e. carefully separating and reusing each of the hazardous components, as is now done under Ontario’s CMHSW program (Orange Drop) program?

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First “climate refugee” case going to appeal in New Zealand

April 8, 2014

ON 1ST MAY 2014, the New Zealand Court of Appeal will hear Ioane Teitiota’s claim to become the world’s first climate refugee. Mr. Teitota is from a remote atoll in the Pacific nation of Kiribati, one of the lowest-lying nations on Earth. He is trying to convince New Zealand judges that he’s a refugee—suffering not from persecution, but […]

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Blue Box arbitration: Third procedural victory for municipalities

April 7, 2014

Retired justice Robert Armstrong has given a third procedural victory to municipalities in the hotly disputed Blue Box funding arbitration. The Blue Box arbitration will now proceed, as scheduled, as a single hearing, instead of being broken up into parts, as stewards proposed: Bifurcation Decision. The full hearing will start April 23.

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I can’t resist again- a word about the beginning of the universe

April 4, 2014

We are so proud to be related to MIT Professor Allan Adams, who opened last month’s immensely influential TED conference with four enthusiastic minutes about the news on the beginning of the universe. That’s worth four of your minutes, isn’t it? And he was on the same panel as Bill Gates and Sting! Enjoy.

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Japan’s whaling program ruled unscientific, must stop at last

April 2, 2014

In May 2010, Australia launched legal proceedings against Japan in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) alleging that: “Japan’s continued pursuit of a large-scale program of whaling under the Second Phase of its Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic (‘JARPA II’), in breach of obligations assumed by Japan under the International Convention for the […]

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Court of Appeal stays Ostrander wind approval pending appeal to protect turtles

April 1, 2014

The Ontario Court of Appeal has stayed the Ostrander Point wind approval pending an appeal by the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists.

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Climate change: yes, it’s getting worse fast and it matters

March 31, 2014

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its Summary for Policy Makers. Based on thousands of scientific studies since 2005 into the growing impacts of climate change, it concludes that key dangerous changes are already underway around the world, and will hurt the poor the most. You should read it, click here. Then demand […]

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Another small step for environmental research at the Experimental Lakes Area

March 31, 2014

The long, painful process of rescuing the irreplaceable Experimental Lakes Area of fresh water environmental research has taken another small but essential step. The Ministry of the Environment has made the decision to proceed with  proposed regulations under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) to create a mechanism to authorize experiments […]

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Meredith James joins the board of Cycle Toronto

March 28, 2014

We are delighted to announce that our associate, Meredith James, was recently elected to the Board of Cycle Toronto at its Annual General Meeting.

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Rare decision stops Minister from opening BC fishery

March 26, 2014

The federal government has had some troubles with the Supreme Court of Canada since taking office in 2006 (here is one recent example), but that’s not the only court in Canada that has caused the federal government grief. Several decisions of the Federal Court in relation to endangered species issues or other regulatory matters, like […]

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